Hey there!  My name is Charles and I’ve been working as a recording and mix engineer since 2014. I strive to create a comfortable and inspiring creative environment producing quality sounds with quality people. Using my years of experience and technical knowledge, we’ll be able to capture the best performances possible to make sure your vision comes to life.


Every record is different and because of that, each record needs an approach specific to the music.  There isn’t a set rulebook on how to write music or make a record. You can punch in each note and lock everything to a grid to make the tightest sound possible. Or you can track your record like a live show or band practice, capturing the organic performance just how someone would hear it if they were right there with you. Whether you're the hardest hitting punk trio, catchiest indie act, loudest doom wizards, or fastest metal machines - we’ll do whatever it takes to get the sounds that work.


I currently operate out of Panda East in Fremont, CA. Check out their website here for a full gear list as well as pictures of the space and what it has to offer as well as some of the great records done there.

Instagram  |  info@audiobytosh.com  |  San Jose , CA