Mix Prep

Some quick things to take care of before I start mixing your record if it was recorded elsewhere. Nothing too crazy, just basic things to make both of our lives easier.

Send tracks as they were originally recorded at. Do NOT change sample rate or bit depth - no 16 bit or MP3 files please.


If the tracks were recorded to a click track, include a MIDI file that contains all the tempo and time signature information. If you have a ton of super complex changes, it’d probably be best to send me a full Pro Tools sessions with all of that info in there already.


If you’re sending consolidated tracks - make sure they’re consolidated from the start to ensure everything syncs up upon import. If you sending a Pro Tools session, make sure that all of the audio files are in the session folder. 


Keep stereo tracks stereo and mono tracks mono (mostly for Logic users). If you record tracks in mono, do not bounce them out as stereo. 


Please do all of the drum editing before tracking the rest of the instruments. Building the recordings around drums is the usual way to go. Doing the drum editing before you tear the kit down is the most ideal. Sometimes it’s easier for the engineer and drummer to just re-track the part than to try and edit it to work. Also don’t edit just the close mics, grouping the drums together and doing edits to ALL of the drum tracks so everything works as a whole.


If they require it, do any vocal tuning on your end. This makes it so I don’t have to guess what key your songs are in or what your singer was trying to do. If you don’t have auto tune, I can tune them on my end but will have to charge an extra day depending on how many tracks/songs there are.

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